Our Story

Stretching south of the 41st parallel in South America lies Patagonia, a storied place where rugged mountain peaks jut shockingly into the crisp, blue sky, interrupted only by expanses of deep, verdant valleys and sunsets like something from an oil painting. This is where adventure unites with otherworldly tranquility and peace.

It’s a place some of the most adventurous people of the world hail as the cradle of the globe’s best climbing, hiking and mountaineering, and where people seeking beauty and refuge go to rejuvenate and reconnect with their roots. It’s all things to all people, and there’s not another place like it.

Patagonia Vines wine was born in the heart of Patagonia, and our culture encompasses all the best things about this beautiful landscape. Here, we believe that friendship and reverence are best served together and that the perfect way to enjoy a gorgeous afternoon is one drink at a time.

Patagonia Vines embodies the best of what the land of Patagonia has to offer, starting with the splendid grapevines in these impeccable valleys and continuing on to embrace the unparalleled sense of community that exists here.

At Patagonia Vines, we’re makers first, and we believe our world-class wines are best enjoyed with friends and family while you plan your next adventure. Whether you’re headed out into the backyard for a game of touch football or to the high Alpine peaks of faraway lands, Patagonia Vines is a natural-born traveler with the courageous heart and storied history you need to wind up exactly where you want to be.